Why Personal Protection matters....

October 21, 2013

Defending yourself and your family can be an intimidating proposition. Trying to figure out how and what to do it with is another talk task. We live in a culture that is becoming less and less concerned about our fellow man. We would rather spend all day on the internet or with our heads buried in our cell phones than have a face to face conversation. We are becoming disconnected. That's why (in my opinion) you see an increase in person on person crime. I hate to be all doom and gloom but that is the reality of our modern society. 

So what can we do to ensure our safety? We must arm ourselves with the essential protection tools. A good knife, a dependable pair of real brass knuckles, pepper spray, stun guns, monkey fists. The list goes on. We carry nearly everything a person could want in order to provide basic protection. But my focus isn't merely to drive sales. Yes, this website is essential to my survival but offering other people sound advice (even if they don't buy from us) is a service I don't mind providing. 

So go ahead, take a look around. We believe our core values as a company will have you coming back. Knockout Knucks is committed to our loyal customers. (BTW I hate the world "customers" I consider customers my friends. I will often talk to people on the phone for hours at a time because I enjoy the perspective of someone else's world view even if I don't agree with everything they say. I often give 40 percent coupons and many other give aways to ensure a comfortable buying experience. 

Knockout Knucks services Police, Military, and many other top notch organizations to protect themselves in the line of duty. We also take pride in offering essential protection tools to everyday people just trying to ensure the safety of themselves and their family.

So with that being said I would like to say thank you. You guys are the best customers in the world and I would like say thank you and offer a 25 percent off coupon on any item in store. Simply enter coupon code "thankyou" at checkout.

Thank you,

Jason - Knockout Knucks 



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