Lil' Buddy Mini Double Finger Belt Buckle Paper Weight - Nickel

2 Finger Hole Nickel Brass Knuckles.

 Highly compact and effective pair of 2 finger hole brass knuckles.

  • 2.5 Inches Overall
  • "Lil Buddy", Mini Double Finger, Belt Buckle/Paper Weight
  • Heavy Weight, Easy Grip
  • Variety of Colors
  • Excellent Quality, Nickle

This is a Uniquely designed Mini Double Finger Buckle that can also be used as a Paper Weight. This Buckle is 2.5 inches overall. It is a Heavy Duty Buckle, that will not disappoint you. It features a Beautiful coating, with a Nickle finish that is irresistible to turn down. This belt buckle has two finger holes that can fit any finger size and two finger curves on the sides to ease up handling. It also carries the pin which can fit on any belt holes. This Belt Buckle/Paper Weight is of Excellent Quality and very easy to Grip. It should be used as a Belt buckle or Paper Weight only.

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