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Brass Knuckles with Knife

Knockout Knucks carries the best brass knuckles with a knife attached to them. These items offer the best of both worlds. On one hand you have a very capable pair of brass knuckles but in about two seconds they will also transform into a very intimidating and sharp knife.

These Brass Knuckles knives originated in the first World War in what is known as Trench Warfare. Soldiers would affix a knife to a pair of brass knuckles to ensure that they wouldn't be knocked off their hand in a combat situation.

  • Unique BRASS KNUCKLE Knife Assisted Opening
  • Blade: 1045 Surgical Steel
  • Closed Length: 5", Blade Length 4"
  • Hardwood Handles with with black finish on both sides, Metal clip on back
  • Marked US 1918 WWII

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