Real Brass Knuckles


What sets apart these knuckles from the rest is the fact that they are made from 100 percent pure Brass! Real Brass Knuckles are a top of the line item because unlike their stainless steel and aluminum counterparts they are made from a stronger more durable metal - BRASS. 

Our Deadly Venom Knuckles are a custom made pair of real knuckles that offer high quality design aesthetics and quality craftsmanship that you don't see nowadays. Each Knuckle went through an intensive manufacturing process to give customers a product that will last a lifetime!

All of our Knuckles come with a money back guarantee.


7 Reasons to buy Real Brass Knuckles


  1. They will last a lifetime
  2. They are cheaper than an iPhone
  3. Protect yourself in time of need
  4. High Quality Real Brass Design
  5. Set yourself apart from the crowd
  6. Makes a fascinating conversation piece
  7. Can fit in your pocket and go anywhere!



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